We offer in this first volume of Complete Works of St. Joseph Calasanz the letters, from 1 to 500.

The publication of the Opera Omnia is a desire long dreamed up by the Piarists, and a very heartfelt need in the whole of the Pious Schools and in the educational world. Numerous researchers and Piarist scholars have collaborated, giving their best, to carry out this huge task.

Calasanz was a priest, a Piarist religious, an educator, a saint and a founder. The richness of his person and his work is undoubtedly extraordinary. By reading his many writings we can draw near to his convictions, aspirations and efforts; we can know the traits of his soul and his deep spirituality and, knowing him, we can love him more.

Nevertheless, let us never forget that loving Calasanz is loving what he loved. And there is no doubt of Calasanz’ loves. He loved Jesus, our Lord, and Mary, Our Mother; he deeply loved the children and youth, and loved his Pious Schools. May the reading of his work help us all to grow in our faith, in our Piarist commitment and in our desire to give our lives to children and young people, especially the poorest, with patient and generous love.


?? OPERA OMNIA Volume I. Letters 1-500